Small Business Accounting & Business Services

JBL Accounting & Tax Professionals is a staunch supporter of the small business and entrepreneurial spirit. Our Accounting firm was founded with an entrepreneurial spirit and a drive to fulfill our dreams. We have firsthand experience dealing with the challenges and opportunities that today’s entrepreneurs face. The accountants at JBL Accounting & Tax Professionals have a strong desire to see entrepreneurs and small businesses succeed and to assist in those efforts.

Our goal is to help your emerging business get organized financially, strategically, and to plan for the future. Having the proper financial structure in place helps you grow your business at a more rapid pace by increasing your visibility and allowing you to take advantage of your successes and address your weaknesses. As your business grows, we have the expertise you need to guide you with all your business and financial needs. We are hands-on and personal, as we strive to assist you and your company with all business issues whether simple or complex.

The Accountants at JBL offer a full range of tax and accounting advisory services to help businesses achieve their business and financial goals while maintaining compliance with Federal and State Laws.


Business Advice

JBL Accounting & Tax Professionals offers business consulting services to entrepreneurs who are looking to prepare their venture for the next phase of growth.

Accounting Systems

As a new business, one of the advantages is being able to design an accounting system from scratch to build the foundation for solid growth and reporting.


JBL Accounting & Tax Professionals offers weekly, monthly, quarterly or annual bookkeeping services as maintaining these records is critical when preparing for future tax returns.

Accounts Receivable

JBL Accounting & Tax Professionals coach business owners on best practices for accounts receivable procedures to maximize cash flow and establish data quality control.

Bank Reconciliation

We match the balances in an entity’s accounting records for a cash account to the corresponding records on a bank statement.

Monthly Statements

JBL Accounting & Tax Professionals provides monthly account statements which illustrate financial account activity from the beginning to the end of a designated month.

Periodic Reports

JBL Accounting & Tax Professionals prepares periodic reports that may be requested by investors in a new company or governing body in certain industries.

Budgeting & Projection

JBL Accounting & Tax Professionals ‘s budgeting and projection services can support long-term goals, strategic planning initiatives, and accurate forecasting.

Cash Flow Review

New businesses often go out of business because they run out of cash – not because they run out of customers or customer demand.

Independent Contractors

JBL Accounting & Tax Professionals offers accounting services and tax consulting to 1099 contractors, consultants and other self-employed customers across the U.S.

Tax Return Preparation

JBL Accounting & Tax Professionals Tax Team coordinates the preparation and review of federal and state income tax returns across several states.

Tax Advice

The U.S. tax system is dynamic, complex, and continually changing. JBL Accounting & Tax Professionals offers customers smart and relevant tax consulting services.

Business Tax Planning

In order to minimize tax burden, JBL Accounting & Tax Professionals provides a diverse range of services for business owners, company executives, and individuals.

Sales & Use Tax

The Tennessee state sales tax rate is currently 7%. Depending on local municipalities, the total tax rate can be as high as 9.75%.

Income Tax Planning

Effective income tax planning is a continual process with the goal of paying the least amount of income tax due on future tax returns.

JBL Accounting & Tax Professionals is based in Spring Hill, Tennessee. We offer professional accounting and tax services to the entire Middle Tennessee area including, Franklin, Brentwood, Cool Springs, Columbia, and all of the Greater Nashville area.

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