Privately Owned Businesses

JBL Accounting & Tax Professionals is a full service accounting firm and we know the best ways to serve growing small businesses and large companies with private ownership. Our Accountants keep your cost low while the service is high. There is a unique set of challenges to understanding and implementing growth strategies, running a business and full blown accounting. Our team of competent experts helps all sizes of privately owned businesses grow and succeed effectively and efficiently.

Tax Advice

The U.S. tax system is dynamic, complex, and continually changing. JBL Accounting & Tax Professionals offers customers smart and relevant tax consulting services.

Business Tax Planning

In order to minimize tax burden, JBL Accounting & Tax Professionals provides a diverse range of services for business owners, company executives, and individuals.

Sales & Use Tax

The Tennessee state sales tax rate is currently 7%. Depending on local municipalities, the total tax rate can be as high as 9.75%.

Business Advice

JBL Accounting & Tax Professionals offers business consulting services to entrepreneurs who are looking to prepare their venture for the next phase of growth.

JBL Accounting & Tax Professionals is based in Spring Hill, Tennessee. We offer professional accounting and tax services to the entire Middle Tennessee area including, Franklin, Brentwood, Cool Springs, Columbia, and all of the Greater Nashville area.

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